Firefighter Roster part II

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So I have just about completed the roster. I just have to fill in some blanks from 1985 to present and then go back and add in the guys from pre 1900. I should be able to make a complete seniority list for the entire life of the department. I have to say that this has been most interesting. I have seen so many surnames repeated. I think I was a little off on my estimate of 3000+ names and will admit now that it will be around 1600 once I cut out the repeated names. I will have this list and keep it. So if you would like to see it or inquire about it then shoot me an email. My next goal is to begin the history of the fire departments before the City took over in 1903 I believe. Man that Captain Wiseman was one hell of a historian. He has made my tasks easier, and I (we) owe him a lot of gratitude for the hours he spent on this tremendous and tedious task. I hope that I will be able to bring his work to life someday instead of keeping it buried in the boxes where it lays now.
As for a tidbit of history I will give you this. I have heard this story passed on by Captain Banks.
It is said that at station #2 located at East Ave. and Fourth St. S.E. the Firehouse had a dog that would meet the firefighters at the the boxes when an alarm would come in. I am not sure if the dog would beat them there or catch up to them. However the dog always new when the bells hit where the box was. However one day the dog and the horse drawn fire truck left the same time when a box alarm came in. The firefighters went one direction and the dog went the opposite direction and crossed paths. The dog got run over by the horse drawn fire truck and the dog was killed. Apparently the dog was going the right direction when it left the station to go to the correct box alarm but the firefighters went in the wrong direction and ran it over.
I wish to say that obviously this story was passed down and there is always a possibility that the story got twisted around a bit. However I am not disputing the story as this is how I heard it. If anyone can collaborate the story or wishes to tell it the way they heard it please email me or leave a comment.

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