Roanoke Virginia Firemen Federal Credit Union

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The Roanoke Virginia Firemen Federal Credit Union (RVFFCU) is operated for the Firefighters of Roanoke City, Virginia. The RVFFCU was started because the firefighters could not afford the uniforms they were required to wear on duty. On March 1st, 1935 the RVFFCU (charter #183) was formed by members of the department. The charter was signed on March 9, 1935 by Governor Myers of the Farm Credit Administration. “The par value of the shares of this credit union shall be $5.00″ (article 4) which still holds true to today. When you open a savings account you have to put at least $5 into it and that $5 cannot be withdrawn until you close your account. So that is a little tradition/policy that still holds true and has not faltered. I do not know if the Charter Members who started the RVFFCU realized how big that it would grow. The membership continues to grow as well as assets held by the RVFFCU for the members. The RVFFCU is located upstairs of the Crystal Springs Firehouse #8. It serves the “Firemen of the City of Roanoke, Va., members of their immediate families, and any association of such Firemen.”
The Charter Members are listed below:
(there had to be at least 7 names)
Last Name/ First Name / # of Shares
Daniel Ralph R. 1
Huff Page M. 1
Light Leroy 1
Via Chas J. 1
Barker W.B. 1
Mullins E.F. 1
Klinger E.H. 1
Adkins R.O. 1
Mills D.H. 1
Woodford M.D. 1
I have a copy of a note made on July 6, 1936 for $50. It is to be paid off in 10 monthly installments of $5 each at 1% interest. The collateral listed for this loan is “Character”Loan”".
You can access the RVFFCU’s website at

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