The Original Station #2

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Latest news on the old Station #2 that has eluded Captain Wiseman and myself. After talking to Pete Smith who lives down the street from station #8 (1942-1974) he easily picked out a picture and said that it was station #2. However I told him that it was actually a picture of the Friendship Fire Company #3, which was originally the Union Fire Company both former Volunteer Companies. He said that it was indeed station #2 located at East and 4th, where the main post office is today. So I did a little digging and saw that the information was right under my nose. The location that I have documented for the Friendship fire station #3 and the old Station #2 is the same. So there you have it. The best I can tell is that the City used it as a paid fire station and renumbered it after the Volunteers disbanded and the City took over the fire department. So here is a picture of it as the paid station #2. The Friendship fire company would not have had motorized equipment. If anyone has anything to add please leave comments or contact me at By the way this picture can be viewed at the Virginia Room of the Downtown Roanoke Library.

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