A Week Off

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So I am going out of town tomorrow to Ohio. I will be in Bellevue Ohio visiting relatives and attending a Family Reunion. And yes the family tree branches, ha, beat you to it.

I am working on some pretty cool things right now.

1. The Local’s website. This site is going to be very informative. So look forward to it in the following month or two. I have been bogged down by the Golf Tournament and Fill the Boot etc. So you will have to wait. If you have any recommendations for the site please let me know.

2. The Golf Tournament- This is going to be the best one yet thanks to Charlie Adkins, Rob Johnson, Myself, and numerous others who have really helped out. You know who you are. We have 20+ sponsors and the door prizes include a DVD player, XM radio, Texas Hold em set, 12′ x 12′ collapsible party tent, car charger, IAFF custom made clock, Virginia Tech Prints, gift certificates, and a lot of others. You don’t have to play to win. You do have to be present to win. So come on out if you aren’t playing and buy some raffle tickets, help out a little, eat some food, drink some golden beverages, have some fun, and win some prizes. July 14th at Ole Monterey Golf Club.

3. A big surprise or not. I am working on a neat project that could fabricate into being a really, really, really big surprise. Or it could turn out to be not so big but still a surprise. I could tell you but then it wouldn’t be a surprise. This might just be a hidden treasure here in Roanoke that has been hidden for almost a half a century and nearly a century old. Then again it could turn out to be something totally different, not bad but different. So I really don’t know what to expect. If you have followed this site then you might have an idea as to what I am talking about. I might know something before I get home from my trip, and then again I might have to wait. So you will have to wait and see just like me. YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT A LITTLE LONGER THAN ME. This could be the find of the century.

So you will have to wait for more posts until I get back.

Don’t forget about the Guns N Hoses Basketball game between the City Firefighters and the City Police Officers on August 5, 2005 at Roanoke Catholic. Contact

  • Georgette Asbury for tickets.

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