Firefighters help build Playground

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Several Firefighters from Roanoke Fire Fighters Association/Roanoke Fire-EMS got together to help Kaboom and Home Depot build a playground for the Roanoke Valley Boys and Girls Club on Ninth Street SE. Kaboom is a non-profit organization that assists communities in building and repairing playgrounds across the nation. The event brought the volunteers together as one group to build a grand playground for the community. Although there is no mention of the Firefighters being present at the build, we were visible they even played a couple of songs catered to us. The majority of the volunteers were from Home Depot stores in Virginia and North Carolina. Wachovia employees, Roanoke City sheriff’s deputies, and Lewis Gale employees were also among the volunteers. It is good to see Firefighters helping out the community. It can only help our cause when citizens and community leaders see us out there on our days off helping beautify the community and bring neighbors together. Maybe next time we will have more firefighters out there assisting. The firefighters present were Firefighter Josh Holmes whose idea it was to assist in the event, 1st Lt. Mike Rose, Firefighter Andy Foley, and Lt. Rhett Fleitz.

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