Single Vehicle MVA at Franklin and Reserve

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This is a picture courtesy of Kent Mcilhany. The incident was on the bridge over the Roanoke River on Franklin Rd. at Reserve. It was a single vehicle accident, the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit the side of the bridge. Here you see Engine 5 on scene extricating the victim. Due to the amount of damage on this side of the car Capt. Kesterson, Lt. Brown, and FF Fisher had to cut out both doors on the right side of the vehicle including the B-post. Units on scene were E-8, E-5, M-1, RS-1. Oh yeah and I was on scene with E-8, it sure is nice to be back in the company seeing some of the action. E-8 responded to 3 MVA’s in a row after midnight. L-1 extricated a victim on the 1st incident.

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