1918 Water Tower Fire Truck

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I just got back from Cycle Systems in SW Roanoke and I have good news and not so good news. The good news is that I have found the 1918 Water Tower that was housed at Station #10 (now #2 on Noble Ave.) This truck was a one of a kind for the city and it still has the wooden wheels and solid rubber tires on it. However it is in bad shape. I am not sure what if anything was scrapped on it, however the body panels are gone and it is pretty much just the frame. It still has the motor, water tower, gears, even some hose on it, but it is completely covered in rust. Can it be restored? I am not sure, I am not in that business, however it is worth looking into. I would like to thank Pete Hristov and Jay Brenner at Cycle Systems with their assistance in showing me the truck. There is also the tractor part of a tiller truck also 1918 model next to it. I will attach pictures in the future hopefully.

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