Captain E.E. Smith

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Here is a good picture of me getting a schooling from Pete Smith at Station #8. Pete is the oldest living Retired Firefighter from the City of Roanoke. Pete worked here from 1942 til 1974 and is 93 years old. Next year he will have been drawing a pension for the same amount of time that he worked here. Pete lives near Station #8 and stops by just about everyday at least once. He is always welcome and likes hearing what is going on. If you ever have a chance to work at Station #8 find time to sit down and talk to Pete. If he doesn’t stop by then ask the guys where he lives and go talk to him. He loves telling stories.
Pete’s real name is Elmer Elijah Smith. He was a Captain and spent 20 years at station #3. He was moved from station #8 until station #11 opened and he was there the day it opened. When Pete came to the department he was filling a spot opened from a firefighter going to the War. When Pete was a newly hired firefighter he worked with a guy who was a firefighter when the horses pulled the steam engines (late teens).
Pete is a great source for information on the past, so if you get a chance then sit down and talk.

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