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I received an email from someone who reads this blog and he commented on the post I wrote about losing Companies in the consolidations. I referred to the 5-9 merge and questioned whether or not the new station will contain 2 engines, or an engine and a dry squad(which has already been purchased), or just a single engine. He reminded me of the fact that when Engine Company #1 was removed from Station #1 downtown the Citizens were told that there will still be a truck in the station. So the citizens bought into it. He stated that most people are under the impression that each truck can do the same thing. Well as firefighters know that isn’t the case. When Engine #1 was moved to Station #14 instead of the City adding another Engine Company the downtown area lost their fire suppression and now relies on Engine 3 as the first due. Sure Station #1 houses Ladder #1 which perform many tasks, however engine companies perform different tasks. One of those engine company tasks is suppression. The engine is what carries the water, hose, pump, etc. to actually put out the fire. So there is some more information for you.

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