Firefighter B.T. Butler currently in Iraq

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I hope no one has forgotten about B.T. Butler. I snapped this picture at #13 when the rest of the company was busy doing a company drill. Ha Ha. Just kidding. I have heard from B.T. several times now and he seems to be doing fine. I have looked for him on Firehouse Forums but I have not seen him on there in a while. Firefighter Butler is currently overseas in Iraq working for Wackenhut as a Firefighter on base. He has seen a little bit of fire apparently over there, which is more than he can say about when he was here. Again just kidding. Email B.T. Butler. I am pretty sure that is his email, I will edit it if it is wrong. I will edit it if that is wrong. Send him an email to let him know we are thinking about him. I trying to remember if this picture was taken at 9am on a Wednesday or not. ha ha ha.

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