History to be continued

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I apologize for being off topic and posting current events. This is new to me and I will continue my historical quest as soon as this Golf Tournament is played on Thursday. I have also put the Local’s website on a little bit of a hold. Unfortunately my family is also feeling the pressure of this tournament this year. But it will be over soon. I would like to say that next year someone else will hopefully be putting on the golf tournament. I will still be the MDA Coordinator for the Local, however I will be focusing most of my time with the RFFA on Communications. As the Communications Chairman I will be keeping the website up to date and members informed. Hopefully this will curb some more enthusiasm and interest within the RFFA. If anyone is interested in assisting with the MDA please contact me. There are several other events which members have expressed interest in having with the proceeds benefiting the MDA. A Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction has been discussed over the past 2 years and is a very good possibility. There are several FD’s in the U.S. that put these on and make some money for various Charities. Other events include a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, miniature golf tournament, Firefighter competition, softball tournament, and others. I can only do so much, however if there was a coordinator for each event we could put them all on.

The Fill the Boot Campaign will be in the end of August so look for more information to follow.

Oh yeah and don’t forget about the MDA Cookout at the summer camp on August 3rd. Contact me for any questions and information.

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