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This solidifies the point of the public being misinformed and not told the whole story.

“Just to clarify, the city had the money allotted to hire the 12 new firefighters to staff station 14. It was supposed to have been a package deal; new station, 12 new firefighters, new fire engine. They then diverted the money…They chose to hire 12 new police officers instead and used that as an excuse to move the engine 1 personnel to station 14. Another thing, maybe it does not make any difference whether an engine is stationed downtown or only responds to downtown, the fact is the citizens are not told the “whole story”.”

I read on Jeff Artis website “For the past several years, Roanoke’s Fire/EMS Chief Jim Grigsby, who should know better than anyone else about cost, fire stations and fire fighting efficiency, has also questioned the validity of the plan.” I am not sure where he gets his information but this does not seem correct. If he is correct he might have something though.

Let me say again that I do not think the plan is racist. However the communities effected in #9 and #5′s first dues need to know that the plan as I understand it might help them out. A brand new firestation that houses a Ladder Company, 2 Engine Companies, Medic Truck, a Police Substation, and a Community Center. At least that is how it was sold to me. What are the chances of them keeping 2 Engines in the same house? They might swap one of the engines for a dry squad(carries no water therefore there is no suppression value). Sure the Squad would be a nice addition to the fleet, and it is being built now, but at what cost. If you do not like the plan fine. But if it is going to happen then make sure that you know what you have now and demand to keep it that way even in the new station.

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