Fire Station #1 Postcard

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Here is a postcard that was on ebay. I saw that a Roanoke Firefighter had bid on it so I refrained from the bidding. I forgot to check in on the auction and missed that it sold for almost $23 I think. It appears as though the Ex-Mayor Ralph Smith might have outbid everyone to win this postcard. The winning bidder was Rockledge1. If you lookup this user; they sell trailer parts on ebay. However the firefighter did not win it. The last thing that I saw on ebay I refrained from bidding out another firefighter and he won it. $23 for an old postcard of our Fire Station #1. The interesting thing about this postcard is that I have not seen this postcard before. I’m not saying that I’m some old timer who has seen it all, what I’m saying is that I have seen a lot of historical images of the Fire Service in Roanoke and I had not seen this one prior.

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