Firefighters Beat the Police On the Court

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So the verdict is in and the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association beat the Roanoke Police Department by 8 points (unofficial stats) in the Charity Basketball Game this evening at Roanoke Catholic. So you better believe that I will be hanging out in the front yard until my neighbor who played in the game (Roanoke Police Officer) comes out to hang his head in shame and concede that we won. And that we are the best. I will post more information as I get it. I am sure that there is plenty of off-duty Police Officers and Firefighters downtown right now doing a little bit of the drinky-drink. I am also sure that the Police are coming up with every excuse in the book.
On a serious note, the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association would like to thank all of the Firefighters, Police Officers, sponsors, Roanoke Catholic, and fans in raising money for both the MDA and CYCLE. It is good to see the partnership in action for the good of the community.

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