Firefighters in the News

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Blog from on High’s Jerry Furhman will appreciate these stories. He had a recent post on his blog about the bombs found by the firefighters recently.
First we have a man threatening to blow up a residence. Firefighters set up on scene in expectation of a man carrying out the threat to blow up a house.
From the Roanoke Times:
Police were first notified of the subject when they responded to a domestic dispute call at 3:47 p.m. in the 2700 block of Colonial Avenue, she said. A section of Colonial Avenue near the Towers Shopping Center was blocked off during this time and briefly evacuated as police investigated a house in the area. “(link)
Luckily the man did not carry out the threat.
In another story a 38 y.o. firefighter from Roanoke City (according to the Roanoke Times) followed and tackled a man in Tanglewood Mall after he dropped a gun and picked it back up and fled. The firefighter was able to catch up to the suspect and restrained him until Police arrived.(link)
While I do not condone everyone running after suspects or suspicious persons, this shows once again that even off duty, firefighters are truly courageous in protecting the citizens of the Valley. Once I find out who this masked man is I will report. I think it may have been Dr. Seuss. But that is only a guess.
I have more to come. I received pictures from the MDA cookout/fishing tournament and the Golf Tournament. I also have a rather incriminating picture of a County Firefighter that I might have to hold on to for blackmail purposes. Check out Local 1132 for updates this evening.

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