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I just spoke to someone who brought up a good point in relation to the new stations. He said that you never hear a single firefighter say “I want a new Fire Station”. Firefighters are a rare breed for sure, however as long as they have what they need to get their job done they are a very happy bunch.

Sure the firefighters are bound to complain if water is running into the station because of leaks when it is raining. And yes this has happened due to the City letting some of the Fire Stations go in hopes of building new ones. We are human after all. But a new station is not on the top of our priority list. Here are some of the things that are though:

Firefighters main concern on budgetary issues, which we rarely have enough money to get many of the things we need, is when are we going to get newer and more reliable Fire Apparatus.

When will the tired worn out Fire Trucks be replaced by something newer?

When will the City finally invest in our Health by installing Diesel Exhaust Systems in our bays to remove the carcinogens?

When will we be able to afford to pay Firefighters to attend off-duty training? And yes some of the training is paid, however most of it is not.

Case and Point: I got a call on Thursday about a 2 1/2 week class that was supposed to start today. I was told that I would not be attending the class because the Department could not afford to pay the overtime needed to fill my spot while I was gone. Now mind you I had been planning on going for months now. I even planned a trip one weekend that I would be off because of the class, and now I have to cancel my plans because the department could not afford it. I will also have to wait until the next class and hope that we can afford it then.

I will continue to ask this question until I get an answer.

Why are we building a new station in the first place? All I want is a straight answer. To the point. Anything will do for now.

I was asked the other day if I am against the Consolidation of Station 5 and 9. I am not. However I do have some serious concerns as should the Communities involved. I will list the concerns and explanations below.

Station 1 consists of Ladder 1, Battalion Chief 1, and Rescue Supervisor 1.
Station 3 consists of Engine 3 and Medic 3
Station 5 consists of Engine 5
Station 9 consists of Engine 9 and Medic 9

As I understand the consolidation plan as told to me by the Fire Chief, the new fire station #1 will house Engine 3, medic 3, ladder 1, RS-1, and BC-1. I guess it should be at least 5 bays if the units are going to pull through.

The new fire station #3 (5 and 9 consolidated) will house Engine 5, Engine 9, Medic 9, and Ladder 13. At least this is what everyone is being told. I am afraid that in order to find out the truth we will just have to wait and see.

The firefighters do not want to lose an Engine Company. It is more likely that the New 5 and 9 station will only have one Engine company. Therefore losing an Engine Company. Or I have heard the rumor that one of the Engines will be replaced by a Dry Squad (Rescue truck that has specialized tools on it and firefighters who are equipped to fight fires, does not carry water or hose). Well a Dry Squad cannot have a first due territory because it does not carry water. It cannot be relied upon as an engine and is not an Engine, so if they were to do this it would be in effect the same as getting rid of an Engine.

With moving Station 3 to the new location and moving Station 5 to the new location this will leave a huge gap in the middle. This area is a high call volume area. The citizens in this area will have to wait longer for Fire and EMS service.

If you would like more information on this contact me by email.

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