Red Fire Trucks

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So I have been told this is correct information. I have checked out what I have had time to, and I will leave the rest up to you all. Another firefighter sent me this information and I am passing it on. I really appreciate all of the input from everyone. I will add to this information as I learn it. I have not begun the task of documenting every fire truck the city has had, although I need to start soon. There are some really good resources still working for the department who know most of every truck that has been in service for the past 30 years and then some. Here is the information that was sent to me, as always feel free to post comments or email me on any corrections or additions. My comments are italicized in red, although there is still room for error. Feel free to call me out.

These trucks were red when bought:
In June of 83 a Hendrickson cab and chassis Grumman built was purchased for station 10.
Check the date of R902 see if it isn’t a 84 or 85 model and was put at 9.
Or I may have these two trucks backwards as far as original placement.
Check the date of engine 13,86 (89?)model I think? It was originally built as Engine 1 for station 1.
Also old 11 that was just replaced was an 87 or 88 model(89 also?).
This truck also replaced a 63 ford like 8 was.
In the fall of 1984 engine 8 was bought. It was a demo truck and replaced a 1963 Ford cab over that you walked through the hose bed to get to the jump seat area. The leader lines were under the walkway to the jump seats. This truck put in reserve status. As for the new 8(1984), I think it was a Grumman (Seagrave?)and was purchased under Chief Kerleys tenure.
And of course, 91 was the 5 grummans that are currently in service(2,3,6,7,8).
Engine 5 is the only 91 Grumman that has been replaced and put at another station.
It went to 10 and then to 8 where it is now.

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