Richmond Ambulance tests "Public Utility Model"

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The Richmond Ambulance Authority is testing a new delivery system for non life-threatening EMS calls. The RAA has always been an aggressive organization in relation to new EMS delivery ideas. They have served as host cities for new protocols and new innovations for a while now. As an “authority” which operates the EMS delivery of 911 in Richmond they are testing this new “Public Utility Model”.
The new trial basically places nurses in touch with 911 callers to decipher whether or not the “emergency” warrants an ambulance. Richmond operates a prioritized 911 system, meaning that the dispatchers are Paramedics and can give the callers first aid instructions as well as prioritize the call and whether or not an ambulance responds with lights and sirens or not. Now under this new trial model the caller might be instructed to transport the patient to a clinic or get a free taxi voucher to a clinic. You can read more here.
It would be nice to see the Roanoke Fire-EMS work toward prioritized dispatch in the future and maybe even move towards a system like the one that RAA is trying out. I do not think that it is out of the question. I know there are medics out there reading this; what do you think?

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