This Day in History August 31st

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On this day in history there were two significant fires downtown. The Phillip Levy occurred in 1928 at 1321 hours 118 W. Salem Ave. The building collapsed at about 1530 hours. FF Ralph Daniels was injured during the fire and taken to Lewis Gale Hospital. One of the fleets 85 ft. ladder trucks was also damaged in the fire. Phillip Levy, which I believe was a warehouse (RoanokeFound?), had also caught fire on October 8, 1927. The building was a total loss during the second fire (picture below).
In the year of 1937 on this day another fire occurred at Thurman and Boone Furniture Store at 718 Nelson Street N.E. at around 0927 hours. I am unsure of any details of this fire and have not found any pictures to date. If you have anything to add please let me know. Also check out the RFFA 1132 Historical Timeline for more incidents.

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