Doug Hurd to Assist with Hurricane Devistation in Louisiana

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Doug Hurd is being sent, with the Gate City Boys, to Louisiana to assist with the relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and now the added effects of Hurricane Rita. Doug’s national Guard Unit has been called to mobilize and ship out to Louisiana. We wish Doug a safe trip and we hope that he is able to assist the hundreds of thousands of victims of these devastating storms. Doug will be on his way on Wednesday September 28th and will return the first week of November hopefully. If you remember, Doug was in Iraq for over a year fighting in the war. Doug is a sergeant in the National Guard in a transportation Company. I will be in contact with Rose, Doug’s Wife, to be sure that they have assistance if needed while Doug is away.
The picture above is Doug Hurd on his first day at work, they didn’t know he was there until after he showered. Just kidding, this is Doug at Station #13 after getting ready to go have some fun in a paint ball battle.
On a side note there is rumor, which I have heard to be true, that the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department is looking into sending a crew of 15-20 members down to assist with the Relief efforts and give some of the firefighters who are down there now some reprieve. The rumor has it that we will be sending the brand new Tech Truck down there. Hell it is so new I don’t even have a picture of it yet. The truck is due from M & W very soon, like the next week I think. I will keep you all posted.

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