Fire Station #1 Editorial shows bias for Old Southwest Inc.

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An editorial in the Roanoke Times Today by Chris G. Muse explains…well nothing really. It showcases his opinion that he wants the new station. If someone came along and said we are closing a fire station and moving it right next door to my neighborhood I guess I would be happy too. If the new station is built Old Southwest will flanked on two sides by fire stations which includes 2 engines, 2 ambulances, and a ladder truck as well as command staff. I just do not understand why Muse needs to write an editorial to the whole city rubbing it in there face that he will be more privileged in the future and have two fire stations.

“Muse is a past president of Old Southwest Inc.

I must admit that I am perplexed by Mark McConnel’s essay concerning Fire Station No. 1 (“History, efficiency, safety and cost argue for saving Fire Station No. 1,” Sept. 1). I like McConnel, but the mathematical side of his information somehow proves that his point of view is incongruent with my summation. Polite way of my saying, “What?’
First I think too much is being placed on the Old No. 1 Fire Station. While it is one of our most well-known sites it is one of four old stations that will be replaced with modern stations. “

Muse later writes “If Fire Station No. 1 was on fire, Station No. 3 would be called. Let me repeat that. If Fire Station No. 1 was on fire, Station No. 3 would be called. That’s funny, right?”

No sir that is not funny. To think that you are so naive to say that a Ladder Company has nothing to do with fire suppression. If you ask any ladderman in the city if they have assisted with fire suppression in the past year they will say yes. Why do you ask if there are other tasks to be done. Well due to minimum staffing of 3 firefighters per truck, there simply is not enough personnel on scene to have pre assigned roles for each firefighter. Meaning that when the first units arrive on scene the incident commander decides who does what.

Here is an example if an Engine, with the usual 3 personnel, arrives first in at a fire and decides to get a hydrant, they will leave the firefighter at the hydrant. Then the engine lays hose to the structure. Once at the structure the driver will engage the pump and hook up the hose lines. The Officer will mark on scene and probably take command since he/she cannot go in alone. If the next apparatus on scene is a Ladder Truck (what usually happens) then the Ladder truck personnel, again 3 usually, will begin their tasks. The driver will set a fan at the front door while the officer and firefighter enter the structure to begin search and rescue. Since there is not a hoseline in the structure yet, they will take one with them. Why? Because you search rooms around the fire, floors above the fire, and floors below the fire. They would not want to be there without a hand line in place. When they find the fire they can put the fire in check while other crews come in to contain and extinguish the fire. Then the laddermen can resume search and rescue.

Another reason why what you say is so abrasive is that Engine 1 did exist until the early 1990′s.

The remark that you want to be on the list to buy Fire Station #1 is embarrassing and shows that you obviously have ulterior motives for the Station. This station will never be a private residence or restaurant.

Chris if you have any questions please contact me at I would be glad to educate you on what you speak of.

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