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I have found a wealth of firefighter related blogs on the internet. I hope that more firefighters catch on to this. However I must say that most of them are personal blogs about themselves and the calls they run, some are even primarily EMS related ( yeah I know *gag*). Unfortunately I have not found too many blogs out there which parallel the content in which I try to give to you all. That being said, I do find these blogs entertaining, I just have not quenched my search of another blog quite like this one. Given that I have a little bias of my own blog. I just think that more departments, more Locals, more firefighters need to catch on to this. This blog is here in all its glory for new members to view as they are hired. They can search the archives to see what they have missed and keep up with the blog as it reports on local, state, national, and maybe in the future international news. That is right I am attempting to incorporate general firefighting news into the blog. I do plenty of it by merely linking to other websites and blogs on the right hand sidebar. If you haven’t checked them out you should. I add to the blogroll several times a month. Just as I link to them, they link to me, or us if you look at it that way. You would not believe how many people read this daily, weekly, or check in every once in a while. I certainly hope that you enjoy reading about Roanoke’s Bravest and what they are up to with a little added editorial by yours truly occasionally. I get comments and emails regularly letting me know that people (outside of the fire department) enjoy reading about us. The LAFD blog (look under blogroll in the sidebar) is probably the closest to this blog. However there are two major differences: their blog is published by the department, and their blog lacks a personal touch (see some of the posts below). So keep an eye on the blogroll, heck the blog just got linked by a firefighter in Singapore). What more do you want from me? Don’t answer that. My wife will rip that list up and throw it out. I left the hyperlinks out of this post on purpose – you have to check them out on your own in the sidebar.

By the way – We are months into this blog and still there are firefighters here in Roanoke City who are just now learning of the existence of this blog. Get the word out and let them know they need to check it out. And tell them to check out for all their RFFA needs!

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