IAFF to Create Online Exhibit Tracing Union’s History

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Message from the IAFF:
Kate Shmitigal left a comment in a past post, she works for the IAFF and is currently working on some historical projects as well as online technologies for IAFF Locals. She asked me to convey this message to my readers which I do not mind doing at all.

The IAFF is working on a history project ( here ) and would like input from locals across the nation and Canada. If you have information, pictures, history to share then contact them by email.
Kate writes: “Looking for some buttons from IAFF locals, like a campaign buttons, political, or just local identity button, the older the better!” Scanned or mailed to email.

Kate adds:
“Thanks Rhett! We hope to have the website up in by the middle of November, however, my research will be ongoing. I’m also looking for some interesting stories that a member might want to share. The first story we will feature is on a former executive board member and his career in the fire service, I will have photos and audio clips. The story you might have it could be about anyone or anything that exemplifies the fire fighter’s union. “

I am working on information from the RFFA for this project. If you have anything to add for the RFFA please let me know.

Kate if you could let us know of a deadline possibly it would be appreciated.

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