Roanoke City Takes Delivery of New HTR Truck

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Roanoke Fire-EMS took delivery of this M & W Custom Fire Apparatus. The unit is built on an HME Cab and has a compartmentalized rescue body on it. The truck is the new Heavy and tactical Rescue Truck 6. It will be stationed at station #6 in S.E. Roanoke. The truck is replacing a make shift Rescue truck which was originally ladder #9. This is a much needed and welcomed addition to the fleet. Although the truck will not be manned full-time at this point. However at times of serious weather i.e. floods the unit has been manned in the past. The truck will be staffed by the personnel off of Engine 6 and Medic 6 if available at the time in which a call comes in or the Unit is called for. This is how the responses have occurred in the past. The Roanoke Fire-EMS HTR Team is part of a Regional force which responds throughout Western Virginia. The truck will be placed into service after several days in the Radio shop as well as a trip to North Carolina to have a Light Tower installed on top of the unit. The pictures are below.

The Apparatus Committee voted to purchase the Pierce Quantum Engine which I spoke of ( here ). The truck will be delivered in 45-60 days and put in service once the Radio shop completes installation after delivery. This engine will replace Engine #3 currently a 1991 Grumman, which will move to Engine #13 and the current 1989 Grumman in service there will become a reserve.

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