Roanoke Fire Fighters Association too powerful or not powerful enough

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Todd Jackson writes in an article Council opts to keep old fire station the following:
“As the powerful Firefighters Union made its preferences known, Roanoke City Council members got cold feet about closing the historic station…One lesson the council has clearly learned is to pay attention to firefighters, one of the most politically powerful groups in the city. Over the past few years, the council has approved several initiatives firefighters have requested, from retirement improvements to staffing restorations to pay increases. “
I was able to watch the City Council meeting on RVTV yesterday. The turnout of members, speakers, and the support from the community show the City Administration and City Council that we are not willing to roll over on issues that effect us.
It should be comforting to think that the Acting Assistant City Manager and Mayor Harris made a point that they would not stand for retaliation.

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