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I was surfing the web today and came up with a few blogs of interest. First off there is a Firefighter’s Wife who started a blog Putting out Fires. She has insight on what it is like to be the Wife of a firefighter. Check it out to see what our wives might be going through or thinking while we are away.
Then I found this blog which talks about firefighters still running calls amidst Hurricane Rita passing through. I commented on the post and let her know I was pleased that she was educating people that we still have to work no matter the conditions.
Then there is a post on this blog about the new escape harnesses that the FDNY will be using shortly in the wake of the firefighters who had to bail out of an apartment fire plummeting to their death.
Check out the post on this blog about Tim Kaine and the Line of duty benefit which Republicans are attempting to decrease. This is important information for us!!
Here are a couple of pics of L.A.’s Bravest in this blog.
Check out this blog about life at an airport firehouse.
So that should give you some reading for a couple of days. I have blogrolled a couple of these blogs on the right.

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