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So here we are at 200 posts. What exactly have been posted in those 200 posts (the old ones can can be viewed in the archives—->)? Well we have hit on fires, wrecks, firefighters in the news, history, a ton of photos, the reincarnation of the RFFA’s website, Keeping Fire Station #1 open, Current Events within the Department and Organization, Traditions, etc. I hope that you all enjoy reading the posts. I think that I have a loyal reading audience including FireFighters, Citizens, Council Members, Administrators, Out of towners, Former Roanokers, etc.

This site is intended to express to the readers what the Roanoke City Firefighters are about, what they stand for, and why they stand for what they do. I have seen the readership rise and certain comments posted. Moreso I have heard from a lot of you all on a regular basis by phone, email, or when we bump into each other. You all have given me ideas, criticism, feedback, and encouragement. Mostly I hear from you all about how this is such a great idea and that it should have been started years ago. I have heard from the IAFF and how they think it is a great idea. They wondered if there were many other sites like this one. To my knowledge, and I search often, I would not say that there are any other sites quite like this one. Sure there are other Firefighters blogs out there (I have posted about them in the past and several are located on my blogroll in the sidebar), but I have not found one which shows such a diverse interaction between the Firefighters and everyone else. Sure when opinion is shared it is that of my own unless otherwise noted. But that has been changing. I am getting more interaction with those of you who want to show your side of the story, your comments, your thoughts. I think this is great. I feel like I am providing the looking glass for the Firefighters to look into the history, the pictures, the ideas; as well as showing everyone else what we are about, and why we are who we are.

There have been great strides made by the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department and the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association. I hope to see more advancements in the future, and to document them here. I hope that the morale of the Firefighters continues to strengthen. I have been hearing of certain possibilities in the works currently and in the future which should help continue this advancement.
I hope that I can continue to keep this site up to date on the current events locally as well as branch out to topics of interest nationally. Keep the information pouring in.
One last thing, I have been working on this post for two days now. I ran out of time yesterday due to the influx of phone calls about my move back to the ARFF crew. It sounded like some of you guys were consoling me because I had died. I thank you all for your thoughts, although I know you guys are happy as hell that it wasn’t you. Oh yeah I know how this works. Anyways it is good to see that some of you all care.
This site started March 9, 2005 there have been approximately 155 days since its inception. So I have been posting about 1.25 votes each day. I look to continue this trend. Let me know if you would like to see something on here. By the way Kate, I will be posting what you wanted to see early next week. I have had to do a little research.

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