Communication from the Brothers down South

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This is the email I received. Apparently the guys are getting dirty down there. It is good to see that they are representing the rest of us well. The next batch of Firefighters will ship out on the 18th from what I here.

“Here are some pics to post…we are helping to restore an elementary school and the fire station in Johnsons Bayou. They are ground zero for Rita and have 80-90% total destruction. Very bad conditions…snakes, alligators, and mosquitos as big as hummingbirds…no joke…we are working from 7a-7p..eating MRE’s for lunch and Red Cross meals at night….we are sleeping in a community center in Hackberry(30 min from Johnsons Bayou). It is in the 90′s every day and 100% humidity. Both the school and the fire station are going to be stripped to the shell and redone completely. We are working very hard. The entire fire department members lost their homes…we truly feel like we are making a difference for these people. It is very humbling to see the conditions and know we will be coming home to a normal life when the people here will be rebuilding their lives for years.
Email ya later,
Roanoke Va Fire-EMS Task Force 1″

I will add more as I receive it.

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