Habitat For Humanity House Build

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Habitat For Humanity House Build
I have finalized the plans. We will be providing food for the workers on Friday November 4th. There will be a need for Firefighters to be out to help with the food as well as assisting with the build. Unless they are delayed by rain the plan of action for Friday is to package the houses for delivery. If they are behind then there will still be building going on. If you are on A-shift as several of you are who have contacted me, then get a group of 2-5 of you together and I will call to fit you into building on one of the other days.
We will need Firefighters to assist us with feeding the Volunteers on Friday November 4th from 7am til 6 pm.
We also need about 25 Firefighters to assist with packaging the houses for delivery during the day. The shifts for that are 8-11, 11-3, and 3-6. You could help with both if you like and make a day of it.
Please contact me to sign up and help out. My pager # is 201-4667. My email is FireFleitz@Adelphia.net. Or you can contact me at Station 8-C until the moves are in effect and then I will be on the ARFF crew at Station 10-C.
I apologize for leaving A-shift out of the rotation on this day. It was not my intention since you all are the ones I have heard from the most. Like I said if you would like to help on one of the other days let me know and I will call to fit you in. They are only 3 hour shifts.

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