HTR 6 runs it first call in the new truck today!!

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HTR 6 ran its first call in the new truck. The team responded to assist PD searching the river for evidence for an incident that the Police Department is investigating. HTR 6 took the paddle boat and were in swift water mode. The team was asked to float the Roanoke River between the 9th Street and 13th Street bridges.
The HTR truck is now in full service. The truck returned earlier this week from a short trip to North Carolina to have a light tower installed on the top of the truck.
Some of the tasks the team assists with are swift water rescue, structural collapse, trench rescue, confined space rescue, rope rescue, etc.
The team responds throughout the region as part of a Regional HTR team. The Firefighters and Paramedics at Station #6 are certified in most if not all of the Technical Rescue disciplines. There are specific team rosters for each of the disciplines as well. These members are subject to call back if the team needs more members than are available on any given shift. Each incident might require different manpower levels.

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