Roanoke Fire-EMS deploys to New Orleans, Louisiana

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6 members of the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department are deploying to New Orleans, LA tomorrow (Sunday) for the first of 2 15 day deployments to that area. As I understand the members will be going down to help administratively in the Hurricane damaged City. The exact activities that the members will be doing are unclear at this time. The team will be self sufficient and will be assisting Firefighters and FEMA workers from all over the nation. The members deploying with in the first team are Battalion Chief Jeff Beckner, Captain Todd Stone, Captain Kent Mclhany, Captain Werner VanDamme, 1st Lieutenant Phillip Dillon, and Lieutenant Chad Riddleberger. There will be a second 15 day deployment following the return of the first team. The second team’s members have not been decided at this time. I will add details as I am informed.
The Firefighters here in Roanoke are proud of our brothers who are heading south. We wish them well and hope that they are able to assist the area with recovering from the two Hurricanes which have caused destruction in the area.

Here is a bonus picture of HTR 6 courtesy of Firefighter Brad Creasy. This is obviously a better picture than I was able to grab, however I would like to say that the placement of the truck when I shot it was not the best. Thanks for the picture Brad. I always appreciate comments and
email from the readers.

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