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Feuerwehr Weblog:

Check out this site for some insight to Firefighting and training in Europe. There are some decent pictures explaining what is going on.

The ladders (italian ladder) are four ladders made of wood. we use it for raise up in places in which we cannot arrive with mechanical car ladders (for example, very small streets, or internal building places). We mount them using 4 firemen team: two put them bodies to support the base ladder, one give the other pieces and one raise up and mount the pieces. It is the best training exercise for italian firemen. During the fireman’s school we arrive to mount and take apart it in less than 90 seconds. The Italian ladder is 12,5 meters high. Each piece weight is about 15-18 kilograms.

You have got to see this picture attached to this caption. This blog is from Denmark I believe. Either way, they do things differently there. Check it out. You might be able to translate the entire blog. I will have to check with my more Technologically Advanced buddy over at Roanoke Found.

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