Firefighter Mortgage Assistance

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I have found some information on mortgage programs which help Firefighters, as well as teachers and police officers, purchase houses in the jurisdiction in which they work. I have listed some of the companies I have found below. If you want more information contact them.
IAFF Financial Corporation – Home Mortgage/ Refinance Program- This IAFF FC is a valuable asset, you should check it out if you are an IAFF member. Hopefully in the future the City will allow the IAFF FC Retirement program as an option instead of the ICMA program.
Firefighter – Emergency Medical Technician Next Door HUD Program – This program offers a 50% discount on buying homes. I followed the listing’s link and it seems as though there are not any properties available in Virginia at this time. Check it out, I could be wrong.
These are just a few, I am sure there are more out there. Let me know if you find something new.

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