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The IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial

(17 Sept 05) This past weekend, I experienced a wonderful honor when the Tacoma Fire Department Honor Guard allowed me to accompany them to the IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Colorado Springs, CO.

The TFD Honor Guard & Pipers have been such a blessing for the Hero To Hero effort, and the pictures here are our way of saying thank you to some of our favorite Firefighters (& Medics).

We left from SeaTac on Thursday, and returned last night (Sunday). In between, we met firefighters from all over North America. We met families of the Fallen Heroes and shared stories of people we all had in common. I listened as past visits were relived, and watched as new friends became lifelong buddies. There were lots of hugs, and plenty of “Hey, remember that time…”

Check out this blog I found. It has interesting information on the Hero to Hero program. The program gives the shirts off of our back to deployed troops. Pretty interesting reading.

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