My current assignment – Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)

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These are some images below of the trucks which I drive. I was recently transferred to the ARFF crew at the Roanoke Regional Airport. The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department staffs the Airport with three shifts of one Captain and two Lieutenants, as well as one Battalion Chief. We have two ARFF Vehicles, one tanker, and one foam trailer. We respond to emergencies inside the fence of the Airport when they occur, it seems as though they do not occur though. That should give the travelers a breathe of relief. The ARFF Company is housed in Station #10 with Engine Company #10 and Medic #10. You can view those companies and pictures of the Station (here) and (here). To see the pictures/posting of the 1939 Cadillac Fire Truck look (here).
This is a picture of AR-3 tackling a pit fire. Don’t worry this is a simulator, using propane to simulate a fuel spill.
This is my truck, AR-2. It has a snozzle attached to the top of it. At the tip of the snozzle there is a fog nozzle, a piercing nozzle, and a camera. The piercing nozzle is to pierce the shell of aircraft so that we can spray foam and/or water to put out fires.
Here is a picture of AR-2 and AR-3 at Roanoke Regional Airport.

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