Operation Turkey Drop

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I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving at my house with my Family. In the past, if I had the day off, the family usually packed up and drove to Nashville or Richmond to be with either my family or my wife’s family. So this year was a little different, hopefully beginning a tradition of at least every couple of years being able to have Thanksgiving at our house with our Family.

The same goes for Christmas, although I did not get so lucky this year, I will be working on Christmas Day.

Firefighters across the nation deal with this every year. They knew when they signed up for this rather thankless job, that they would be giving up Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Vacations, etc. because of the schedule.

This year the Firefighters were not forgotten on Thanksgiving. From what I understand Roanoke County, Salem, and Roanoke City Firefighters were all served a Thanksgiving meal by Volunteers this year. The meal was called Operation Turkey Drop.

I would like to say this to the Volunteers, who provided and served my Brothers and Sisters in the Roanoke Valley, it is you who we are Thankful for. People like you make our job worth doing. The gesture of feeding the Firefighters on Thanksgiving will last a long time. It truly shows a sense of community among the Firefighters and the public.

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