Revisiting a fire at 8th and Marshall SW

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Here is a picture of an A-shift fire I was on a couple of years ago. I had traded time with Rob Humphreys. I was on Engine 8 as part of the second alarm on the house that is on the ground behind us. The house beside it had a lot of fire damage as well.

Pictured sitting Clockwise from front left is FF Mike Pruitt, Capt. Gary Conners (Ret.), Lt. Bill West, FF Danny (moose) Hughes, 1st Lt. Chad Riddleberger, Capt. Scott Mutter, Lt. Tracy Blevins, Lt. Tom Mougin, Lt. Jamie Brads, FF Greg Fulton, and Capt. Willy Wines.
Standing in the back L-R are FF Barry Kincer, Lt. Rhett Fleitz, Lt. Richard Patterson (Ret.), Bat. Chief Audie Ferris, In the very back looking the other way is Lt. Carl Jones (Ret.).

I recieved this picture from Capt. Wines. He let us borrow a couple of things to make copies for The Maurice Wiseman Project. If you all have anything you would like us to have to copy, etc. please let me know. Likewise if you would like to assist in the collection of Historical data drop me a line. We could use some help.

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