St. Patrick’s Day with St. Baldrick

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I was reading a post over at the LAFD Blog about a true hero, the son of a firefighter, who recently lost his battle with cancer. This young boy was a big fan of Superman and has apparently earned the nickname of his hero.

I learned about a fundraiser for cancer patients throughout the World. It is called The St. Baldrick’s Celebration. The celebration started in New York by some business men and has raised $7 million to date. The LAFD celebrates this each year and raises money for the great cause.

Basically money is raised by sponsoring an individual to shave his/her head, oh yes women do it too. The LAFD has been doing this for years apparently. I had not heard of this event until reading their post.

The reason why I bring this up is to challenge you, the Firefighters of Roanoke City to come up with an event for St. Baldrick’s. That’s right I am asking you to come up with an event. Some of you might ask why I don’t just do it. Well I will tell you. I don’t have the time. You see for the past several years I have organized most of the charity events within the RFFA. Now I am going to be the Sec./Tres. This will not stop me from helping with these events. I plan on being at every event I am able to get to. However there are plenty of you guys out there who sit by and let everyone else do everything. Why not grab a couple of buddies and make this happen.

You can rest assured that I will be the first person in line to have my head shaved. You heard me, big ears and all will be sticking out farther than ever without any hair to conceal it.

So there it is, a challenge to act. A challenge to help out.

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