The Brotherhood makes an appearance at Operation Home Delivery

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The Habitat for Humanity/WSLS Operation: Home Delivery was a huge success yesterday. There were 25 firefighters building and dismantling the houses for delivery. Two of the women who were receiving the houses were present most of the day. They were grateful for all of the hard work that went into the operation.
I tried my best to explain what type of guys these Firefighters were and that they would build until they couldn’t build anymore. Apparently the Team Leaders did not understand what I was telling them and within about 5 minutes the Team Leaders (from Habitat for Humanity) were freaking out because we were moving too fast and they needed to spread out the work over the whole day. That situation was cleared up after lunch when the HFH realized they might not have the same amount of guys out the next day to tear everything down and load it up. It was good to see so many guys out there all working together to get the job done.
Here Dennis Duncan, Jeff Beckner, Toby Bedwell, Dave Ploch, Gary Fisher, and Todd Harris await the next order. In the beginning the building was slow. After lunch they turned us loose and no one was standing around.
John Sweeney, Lynn Flora, and George Purdue do a final check on a previously built house.

Mark Kesterson, Todd Harris, Mark Brown, Toby Bedwell, and Lynn Flora take a break while WSLS is live for the presentation ceremony. Mark Brown contacted and set up all of the guys who came out to help with the help of Gary Fisher. This would not have been as successful an event without their involvement.
Front Row – Kevin Akers, Richard Lipes, Matt Dewhirst, Dave Ploch, Gary Fisher. Back Row – Brian Conner, Brent Barry, Shawn Sikes, Clayton Fowler(very back), John Sweeney, David Lucas, Allen Austin, and Ben O’Baugh.

One of the guys told me how this was the largest Union turnout for an activity other than the Christmas Banquet since he had been here (7 years). I wasn’t really thinking about it in those terms. However after he said it, I thought about it. He was right. Maybe a Union meeting here and there brought 25 members, but not regularly. The Golf Tournament brings out more, but that is a little different.

In my time in the department I can tell you this; this is a proud moment. This is what it is all about. Helping out the Community. Helping others. Helping ourselves. I manage to get to most RFFA events as well as Fire Department events. So thank you to all for coming out and helping. Here is a list of the guys who came out. If I forgot anyone let me know and I will add them.

Clayton Fowler, Jeff Beckner, Brent Berry, Mark Brown, Matt Dewhirst, Richard Lipes, Shawn Sikes, David Lucas, Kevin Akers, Allen Austin, John Sweeney, Lynn Flora, Ben O’Baugh, Dave Ploch, Toby Bedwell, John Willdigg, Mark Kesterson, Dennis Duncan, Gary Fisher, Todd Harris, Brian Conner, Dave Bishop, George Perdue, R.T. Flora, Hank Pfister, and Rhett Fleitz. Johnnie Price and Chris Price cooked the Barbeque, which was excellent. Also thanks to Jerry Franks for helping out and Salem Firefighters Jimmy Poindexter and Tony Rickman.

As for those naysayers out there, the Brotherhood is alive and well here in Roanoke.

Look for an update on the Local1132 website early this week. If you have any pictures you would like to add send them to

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