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Community mourns fire chief
Nov 15, 12:31 AM EST

RAVEN – Darrell Cochran was the first to spot Max Willard’s body early Sunday.

The body of the 69-year-old chief of the Oakwood Volunteer Fire Department lay on the side of a hill ravaged by wildfire.

Willard and Cochran had been friends for more than 30 years.

“When you find someone you’ve known all your life like that, it’s hard to think about anything,” he said.

Cochran was one of about 15 searching for Willard, who set off by himself the day before. The fire chief was one of about 70 firefighters from across the area battling a 350-acre wildfire in the Shortt Gap section of Buchanan County. All Willard had was a fire rake.

He didn’t return.(Read More)

I contacted the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office and was told that they do not know of any arrangements as of yet. They told me to call back in the morning, as I will do and then report to you all. Special thanks to Shawn Roark for his assistance in locating information. Shawn works as a Firefighter in Bristol, he worked for Roanoke Fire-EMS for about a year.

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