A Cake Like No Other

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C-Shift worked on Christmas Day this year. Let me tell you first off, it was not busy at the Airport. I took care of the crew and cooked a large spread including Ham, potatoes, mac n’ cheese, etc. Right in the middle of cooking, a woman and her daughter came to the door of Fire Station #10 with a tray in her hand. The woman was holding a cake. She explained to us that her daughter, who appeared to be about 7, told her mom that they should do something for us a the station on Christmas because we had to work. So her mom whipped up a cake. But this was no ordinary cake. This cake stood about 14″ tall and 6″ in diameter. You can see by the picture that it indeed was Santa Claus. We were grateful. This was not an easy cake to eat, because none of us wanted to ruin it.

A little side note to all the families, friends, and neighbors who drop off desserts to firehouses: We thank you for thinking of us, remembering us, and taking care of us.

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