Battalion Chief Bobby Slayton has 40 years in the Department

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Chief Bobby Slayton
Picture courtesy of Captain Wiseman taken January 1991.
This is Battalion Chief Bobby Slayton. Chief Slayton was hired December 6th 1965. Bobby now has 40 years of service with Roanoke City. Forty years is not commonly heard of this day in age. Although when Chief Slayton was hired it was very common for Firemen to stay for 30+ years. Numerous men have stayed past 40 years. The longest I have heard of or have documentation of is about 42 years.

Chief Slayton is currently assigned as the Battalion Chief of B-Shift Northside. The Chief’s son Zach Slayton was hired in 2003. Just to put Chief Slayton’s tenure in perspective the next closest man on the seniority list is Captain Yearout, who was hired in 1973.

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