Paramedics, Intermediates, and even Plain ole’ EMT’s, with a touch of good old Firefighting.

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Here is a little tidbit of information sent to me today. Today 17 city Fire-EMS folks tested for National Registry EMT-I: Lt T Simmons, Lt T McFall, FF D Goodwin, FF T Meador, FF S East, FF X Lee, FF S Boone, FF J Mone, FF A Mitchell, FF B Smith, FF Proulx, FF Slayton, FF P Jesse, FF M Jenkins, FF D Lucas, FF A Foley, FF M Wheeling.

I wish the best for these guys. From what I hear the majority of them did an excellent job. This will provide the City with several more ALS providers.

As with most Cities across the Nation, the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department actively recruits Advanced Life Support (Paramedics, Cardiac Technicians, or Emergency Medical Technician Level Intermediate) personnel to fill the need of the Department. Currently there is a study being completed to find out the needs of the Department, and what the Department can do to retain these personnel. I was told today that the next recruit school will have a two year contract to sign. This will mean that the Firefighters will have to stay 2 years after recruit school in order to fulfill there contract, otherwise the individual will have to reimburse the City for the cost of their participation in recruit school.

This was brought up due to the fact that a rookie, who has only been out of recruit school about 2 months, is quitting effective January 2, 2006. It is reported that he will be going to work for Ablemarle County, Virginia. Below are the salaries of Ablemarle Fire as seen HERE.

Position Desc Paygrade Minimum Midpoint Maximum FLSA Status



Assistant Fire Chief, Operations 18 $48,698 $63,308 $77,917 E


Assistant Fire Chief, Prevention 18 $48,698 $63,308 $77,917 E


Deputy Fire Chief 21 $60,145 $78,188 $96,232 E


Education Specialist/Training Captain 16 $42,305 $54,996 $67,688 N


EMS Instructor 14 $36,750 $47,774 $58,799 N


EMS Supervisor 16 $42,305 $54,996 $67,688 N


Fire & Rescue Assistant 09 $25,848 $33,603 $41,358 N


Fire Captain 14 $36,750 $47,774 $58,799 N


Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician 12 $31,925 $41,503 $51,081 N


Fire Prevention Inspector II 12 $31,925 $41,503 $51,081 N


Fire Prevention Inspector/Investigator 13 $34,254 $44,529 $54,803 N


Firefighter/Advanced Life Support 13 $34,254 $44,529 $54,803 N


Plans Reviewer (Fire & Rescue) 14 $36,750 $47,774 $58,799 N


Recruitment & Retention Captain 14 $36,750 $47,774 $58,799 N

Whereas this is the immediate information of Roanoke Firefighter/EMT or FF/Medic:

Job Title: Firefighter/EMT FF/EMT 1 & FF/Paramedic

Salary: FF/EMT $30,452
FF/EMT 1 $31,771
FF/Paramedic $ 33,771

There is not that much of a difference in Pay from what I can see. On the other hand the Insurance might be a different story.

I got a phone call today. I was told that Ablemarle adjusts the pay for experience, training, and education. I am told that a firefighter like myself with almost 7 years paid experience, an associates degree, and numerous training classes would probably start out close to 40k a year. If you throw in ALS certification, you can expect 40k+ each year. Sounds good, where do I sign up. Ha just kidding. You can’t get rid of me that easy.

Don’t worry, I will still be posting soon on employment opportunities for Roanoke City Fire-EMS, as well as some other local Departments. As far as Roanoke City goes, you can start HERE, HERE, or HERE for a position with Roanoke Fire-EMS as a Firefighter/EMT or a Firefighter/Paramedic. If indeed you have specific questions, I would be glad to answer them. Email me at I have already been contacted by several of you, and I am currently talking to some of you. I do not mind answering questions. If you would like, send me questions, therefore when I post on employment, I will have questions answered for everybody.

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