Roanoke Firehouse Nicknames

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I would like to add that I have recieved several emails, phone calls, and comments in person on this topic. I would like to say that anybody can come up with a station logo, name, t-shirts, patches, etc. You can wear said items off duty all day long. In order to possibly wear this stuff on duty, and/or hang it in the stations, you will have to get permission. I know the RFFA would entertain the thought of carrying the merchandise in the marketing room.

A few suggestions if you were to follow through with this.

1. Keep it clean, professional, and Politically correct.
2. Make sure it makes sense.
3. Check with everyone in the station to see all the ideas and/or recommendations.

Some of the names I have heard recently or in the past:

#1 – Pride of Roanoke; The Big House; The Brick House; Downtown Trucking Company; The Downtown Demolition Team;
#2 – The Palace; The Palace Gaurds;
#3 – 6th Street Henchmen; 6th Street Express; Alley Kats;
#4 – Extended Stay America; Holiday Inn Express – (Gotcha Willy)
#5 – The Rock
#6 – The Beast of Southeast; Southeast Circus
#7 -
#8 – South Roanoke’s Bravest
#9 – The Rat House; Northwest Raiders;
#10 – The Blackhole; The Black Sheep
#11 -
#12 – Ghost Ship
#13 – Pride of Peters Creek; Lucky 13;
#14 – The Border Patrol
County #7 – The Country Club

Feel free to add whatever you guys think of. Keep me posted. Like I said, you might also come up with individual Unit nicknames. Check out a website that I found here. It has patches of most of FDNY’s current and past Firehouses. Keep the ideas flowing in. I will post them here. I might make a page on 1132′s website to keep everyone posted.

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