Station Pride

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Last week I went to Baltimore County, Maryland and DC to check out some Diesel Exhaust Systems. I will not be posting on my thoughts of the various systems until the Committee I am part of makes a recommendation to the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department.

What I do want to talk about for a minute is some similarities and differences between the Roanoke Fire-EMS and DC Fire that I noticed while I was there.

One issue I would like to speak of involves Pride, Honor, and Tradition. Our Department is thick with Traditions and some have been spoken of on this blog. Honor is also alive and well in the Department in the sense of Honor of the job, Honor of those who have died in the line of duty, Honor of rank, seniority, and respect. Pride is also prevalent on the individual basis; what I mean is that the Firefighters are Proud of the Department, the RFFA, themselves. The Firefighters are Proud of the job that they do and how they do it. However, Pride could go a lot farther in our Department.

Station Pride and Company Pride seem to be lacking, not only in our Department, but in most. Sure guys call #5 The Rock, and #2 the Palace, but what about all the rest? Why doesn’t every station have t-shirts made up like #3, #5, #7. Check out some of the names FDNY has; Animal House, 90 Proof, Fantasy Island, Happy Hookers, Southern Comfort, Woodside Warriors, Red Hook Raiders, Dragon Fighters.

While up in DC we traveled to 4-5 stations. Two of them stood out; ChinaTown w/ Rescue 1, The House of Pain – Engine 10/Truck 13.

I have always been interested in these namesakes. I think that it creates a bond among the firefighters, a zest for the job, a competitive outlet for the different companies.

Why isn’t there a sign hanging in #5 that says THE ROCK on it? Why not each station have a nickname or identity. You can go in most stations and see different things hanging on the walls. From huge flags to historical pictures.

If any station out there would like historical pictures of the station they are at, I will have them made so you can hang them in the Stations.

I challenge each and every station to come up with a namesake. We will see where this goes. Make some t-shirts, and whatever. A friendly competition among the Houses. Let me know if you come up with a name. On top of that, why not come up with a nickname for the individual Units/Companies. Please, try and keep it clean.

I think #10 has been dubbed “The Blackhole”. From what I understand the T-shirts have been around a while.

Disclaimer: “I am not telling you to do anything without properly checking SOP’s and going through the chain of command.”

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