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Today, an odd post. I know I have my loyal readers out there, and I appreciate that. I was out of town yesterday. A group of Firefighters went to MD and DC to check out Diesel Exhaust Systems. I had the chance to photograph a couple of DC firehouses. I will post on that soon. Probably tomorrow. I am busy today with work.

I will be at the Airport tonight pushing snow, if it falls, otherwise I will be just sitting on my butt making half decent money. Since our lovely meteorologists are on top of things. We will either get hammered by snow, and I will be busy pushing snow, or nothing will happen like last week.

Either way, I will probably not be able to give you all a lot to read. I will point out some sites that I have talked about in the past. Take the time to check them out. First start with Local 1132 and The Maurice Wiseman Project. Check out the RFFA News Wire, and sign up for the email subscription on the right sidebar. Then move on to the Complete Online Listing of IAFF Locals, you will be able to check out hundreds of Local websites there. Follow that up with a reading of FIREWHIRL, and Firefighters Blog. Then check out this funny compilation at Chronicles of a Paramedic/FF. If that is not enough, just take a gander at the right and read some of the blogs on the blogroll. They either have something to do with Firefighting, EMS, or Roanoke. Least of all, you can always send me an EMAIL or post a comment below if you have a question, or an idea for a post. Likewise if you have news worthy of posting here let me know.

If you know of a site, or you operate a site yourself, and you think I might be interested in it let me know.

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