Today in History – TAP Fire 1989

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Link – Today in History – TAP Fire 1989

This new addition to the Local 1132 website shows the Roanoke Times newspaper clippings from the fire. The fire occurred at 10 am on Saturday December 23, 1989. This fire was one of the more notable fires of that last 25 years. If you hang out at a Roanoke firehouse long enough you will probably hear mention of the fire. I myself have heard so very many stories of this fire. I will not go into the stories now, because I have not been able to clarify them.

This is what I have put together thus far:

  1. There were about 100 firemen on top of the various Aerial Ladders.
  2. Most of those said firemen were up there the whole time.
  3. Most of those who were up there the whole time, were frozen to the ladder.
  4. But only one fireman(now a Captain) was needed at the fire, cause he put it out by himself. You know who you are. Love ya mean it.
Just having a little fun with you guys. Before you all say it, yes I was only 12 years old (almost 13) at the time. That puts me in the 7th grade. Yeah I know, you have underwear older. Yes you are a seasoned, crusty, old Jake. Yes I am still wet behind the ears. Yes at the time I couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag. And YES the fire occurred “Back in the Day”. I think I covered everything. Oh except for something about a studded diamond in a Goat’s ass.

Seriously though, this was one of the largest fires in the past 25 maybe even 50 years. There were a lot of Firefighters called in to cover the stations. I do not know what alarm this fire was. Possibly a General Alarm. These Firefighters were fighting fire in temperatures in the teens. They had to battle freezing on everything. I have heard stories of having to leave hose in the street for days just to wait for it to thaw out.

Stay safe over Christmas. I will be posting a little. Maybe I will put together something big for Christmas Day.

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