2006 VPFF Legislative Convention

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I apologize to my readers, I have been in Richmond for the 2006 VPFF Legislative Convention. This has been an eye opener for me. I have been to meetings, conventions, and committees for the charitable events that the RFFA is involved in. I had not been exposed to the Legislation side of the Local. I have met a lot of IAFF Brothers and Sisters from across the State. I have learned a lot of Legislation, and the process of Bills from inception to reaching the House or Senate. I have learned what other Brother/Sister Firefighters have done in writing, encouraging, and lobbying for our rights, for our benefits, and for our future. It really is interesting to see what a bunch of firefighters can get together and accomplish. I have learned of problems that other departments have. I have learned how our Department/Local has similar problems. I have learned how other Departments have remedied situations that plague our Department. I have witnessed people telling us how good we have it, and others who tell us they are sorry it is so bad. Maybe on some issues we come out on top, maybe some we are in the mix, but I will tell you that we are on the bottom of the stack on some of the most important issues. I will be adding a lot to the RFFA website in the following week, and educating you all on the Legislative initiatives written in the Bills. We will see if we can learn something together. Let me know if you have any questions I will be back in town tomorrow night.

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