Fire Service Construction Educator Frank Brannigan Passes Away – News

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Fire Service Construction Educator Frank Brannigan Passes Away – News:
Francis L. “Frank” Brannigan, author and expert in building construction as it relates to firefighting science, passed away Tuesday morning at his home in Calverton, Maryland. He was 87.

Best known for his book, Building Construction for the Fire Service, Third Edition, Brannigan was a sought after expert who regularly wrote and spoke on the dangers of building collapse when exposed to fire. His general theme was always, “THE BUILDING IS YOUR ENEMY KNOW YOUR ENEMY. KNOW YOUR ENEMY!”

Montgomery County Fire/Rescue responders were called to Brannigan’s home, which he shared with his wife, Maureen. They attempted to revive him but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

If you are in the Fire Service, even if you are not, and you do not know who Frank Brannigan is, you need to go out and get one of his books. Mr. Brannigan is the foremost expert on Building Construction pertaining to the Fire Service. Mr. Brannigan served 60 years in the Fire Service. He took it upon himself to learn everything possible about Building Construction and then teach it to anyone willing to listen. And listen they did, so he wrote a book. Then he wrote another. We couldn’t get enough. I never actually met Mr. Brannigan in my few years in the Fire Service, however I can assure you I learned something from him, a lot of somethings. Even when I took a class taught by someone else, we used his book. The instructors learned from him and passed on his knowledge.

Rest in Peace Frank Brannigan. Your teachings, your books, your understanding of Building Construction will outlive all who you taught.

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