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Bravest Remembered (from Daily News)

N.Y Daily News covers anniversary ceremony of Bravest’s Firefighter John Bellew and Lt. Curtis Meyran.

“The Last Alarm,” a poem written and read by Angela Meyran, 11, daughter of FDNY Lt. Curtis Meyran (right), who was killed in a Bronx fire a year ago yesterday:

“My father was a firefighter
He rode in a big red truck
And when he’d go to work each night
He’d say, “Mom, wish me luck”
And Dad would not come home again till sometimes the next day
A fireman’s life is easy
He eats and sleeps and plays
And sometimes he [doesn't] fight fires for days and days and days
When I first heard these comments, I was too young to understand
Because I knew when the people had trouble, Dad was there to lend a hand
And my father went to work one day and he kissed us all goodbye
Little did we know that next morning we’d all cry
My father gave his life that next day when the fire got too hot
And we wondered why he’d risk his life for someone he didn’t know
But now I realize the greatest gift a man can give is to lay down his life down upon the line so that someone else might live
So as we go on from day to day and we pray to God above, say a prayer for your brothers. They may save your loved ones.”

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